Hi there. I'm Kristie. It's nice to meet you. Thanks for clicking on this "about me" page. I suppose that means you want to learn a little more about who I am and what I do. Truth? I wish we were just able to meet in person, shake hands, look each other in the eyes and such. That's my speed. But here we are. One-sided "let's talk about me" stuff. Oh well. Hopefully we'll get to meet in person someday and I can hear about YOU as well. 

First things first, I married into this double name. My mom and dad didn't do this to me, my husband is David Christie. It's fun until you're trying to get through TSA quickly, make a reservation and the hostess snaps: "I SAID WHAT IS YOUR LAST NAME?!"  My friend Sarah prayed for 10 years that I'd meet the man of my dreams---and she literally half-joked that she was praying for "Mr. Kristie" to come. I loved calling her a few years ago to tell her that I had met "Mr. Christie" and that I would probably marry him. Turns out, I did. Beyond the cool name---he's pretty amazing. We have a little "Vanilla Chai Latte" mix up going on---I'm a white girl, he's Indian. I believe I am generously giving the gift of "summer tanning ability" to our future children. I kind of glow in the dark. Embarrassing. You're welcome, future kiddos. 

I write and speak to people. What kind of people? Usually Christians...but not always. I like everyone. No exclusions, really.  I have friends of all walks of life and that is how I like it. I believe God loves variety and diversity---and so should we. Even when that means that it's messy. Some of my appreciation for real people living in the real world happens because I grew up in Burbank, CA---and was literally thrown into the public school melting pot at an early age. My parents had zero to do with the film industry even though it was happening all around us. They were relatively new to faith and were diligent to raise me with values---and so you see, I blame James Dobson for the fact that I just watched Back to the Future for the first time this year. My mom says that I've been an adult for 18 years so I've had plenty of time and to stop blaming them or Dr. Dobson. I loved going on nature walks in the hills and named my first pet "Judy" because, you know, what else does a big yellow fish need than a sassy name like Judy? I've always enjoyed life, color, making people laugh, writing stories, singing songs and making friends. Honestly, that sums me up. We can go home now.

I like to cook, swim in the ocean (when it's warm enough), watch the sunset, invite friends over, I love to learn---right now I'm trying to learn things that take me away from my laptop where I spend a lot of my day. I'm learning to crochet, watercolor paint, cook Indian food, and I'm picking up my guitar again. Life is full and so fascinating. I grew up down the street from the real Punky Brewster and they filmed Wonder Years across from my elementary school playground. Always given to possiblities and big dreams, I was sure that there were frequently talent agents driving up and down my street trying to discover new children to cast in their tv shows. This led me to practice my New Kids on the Block dance moves in front of my bay window with the lights on. No one ever knocked and asked me to come auditon. Let's be honest, I'm not really that great of a dancer and boy bands aren't usually looking for girls to join the band. That's the truth. I was so embarrassed at my high school reunion when one of the former neighbor boys said "remember when you used to dance in front of the window for us?" Good times. Not the image I was going for---sure, I was trying to get a job but not that kind of job.

Let's see. What else should we talk about? I suppose I should tell you that I worked with kids for the last 15 years as a Children's & Family Director. Most recently I was the "Church Lady" (I heard a kid at the park call me as this and I thought it probably fit) at Malibu Presbyterian Church. It was so fun. Alongside my job-job I spent 10 years of my days off creating Life to the Full Curriculum & Resources. I did some church interior design and have enjoyed consulting and helping other leaders find their groove. 

I speak to a group at least once a week about cultivating empathy in the next generation. I'm really passionate about this important topic. I am also on the team of Artists & Speakers for Compassion International. I love love love helping kids who live in poverty find sponsors. If you're looking for a way to change the world---please consider sponsoring a child. We have three kids that we sponsor: Diya, Rohit, and Elex who all live in India. Compassion is LEGIT and your money will be well taken care of---and so will the child that you sponsor. Ok. That's all. Just sponsor a child. You won't be sorry and let's be honest, we can all spare a meal out or a candle at Target to change someone's life each month. 

I have had the joy of writing for the Huffington Post, Good Men Project, Darling Magazine, and having some of my work featured on Yahoo Parenting, XOJane, and several faith-based publications. 

I want to bring hope to all people through my work. I love looking at the relationship between modern culture and the real lives we live. I want to talk about the changes the digital age has brought about and how we can still thrive in the midst of it all. I always think there is hope even when certain things scare the $%IT out of me. 

I worry a lot. It's natural to me---but I'm trying to trust God more each day and let my anxiety have less and less power. Some days are better than others. I am finding more and more freedom in my life from the pain and lies and fears that have filled my head. I hated my reflection in the mirror for almost my whole life, but now I'm taking good care of myself and living from the inside out. I want to live a life of presence, honesty, creativity, connection and joy---and that's the life I'm creating. I want to share the good news with everyone I meet---"YOU ARE LOVED." God is close, not far away and God loves us. Most of all---I want to find more and more ways to let love flow through my life like a river.  If any of this sounds good to you-let's be Instagram friends forever. 

Much love,