Eliminating Entitlement: Raising Empathetic Kids Who Care

According to studies coming from many of our country's leading universities college students are 40-50% less empathetic than they were just 20 years ago. What has changed? Why does this matter? Let's examine this cultural shift and illuminate the relationship between empathy and entitlement. Kristie shares practical ways you can cultivate empathy in the next generation by planting five life-giving messages into the souls of our children.

Living Like a Lite Brite: Faith Over Fear in a World of Worry.

Each day can be filled with a million reasons to worry. Life can be painful, scary and hard—-but it is also beautiful, hopeful and exciting. How do we hold both realities and stay connected to the truths of God’s love, grace and hope offered to us? Can we create a life that shines—-a beacon of hope in the midst of the hard places? We’ll look at the places we can anchor our hearts to so that we can be a safe refuge and light for our families and for the world around us. Perhaps being afraid is one of the most basic human experiences—-and God answers it with His invitation: “Don’t be afraid.”

Healthy Connection in a Modern World

We are surrounded by screens that entertain, educate, and connect us to each other around the world. As a culture, we find ourselves simultaneously more connected and disconnected to the people in our lives due to the advent of digital culture. We face dangers and benefits from the screens that live in our purses, pockets, cars, and homes. I’ll share six behaviors you can cultivate and encourage in your child so that they will experience healthy connection in this modern world.