You know how this goes. The author writes things about themself in third person, or they write an intensely casual something that feels a bit self indulgent and perhaps to lengthy. But all the while, something must be said on a page like this. It's the way the "about me" must go. I guess what I need you to know is that I know how these pages go and I so wish there was a perfect way to do this without sounding totally annoying. Here's my attempt:

I'm a speaker.

I love speaking and take the craft of communicating very seriously. I'm attentive and regularly studying how we can best engage modern audiences. When I speak I desire is to create an engaged, safe environment for authentic thoughts, reflection, and transformation to take place. If I'm offering a workshop, I want to give my audience enough, but not too much. I integrate stories, academic research, great quotes, images, and videos. I create a collage of elements and then have the joy of presenting them to an audience. In the end, I want my audience to walk away with clarity and actionable steps to take to see transformation and change in their lives. 

If I'm storytelling, I commit to telling stories well so that the audience can find themselves in the story and have a "me too" moment.  By sharing my stories, I craft them not to be gratuitous, but real. I want to "go first" so that my audience will feel the courage to step into a new level of freedom and honesty in their own life. 

I'm a writer.

My husband says that I "play an extrovert on TV." Translation: because I'm so outgoing and love people so much, people struggle to believe that I melt into a puddle after I've had too much time in the relational mix. I'm reflective, and I love to write. I'm the "deep thoughts girl"---but I'm also fun, and sometimes funny. I promise that I'll try hard not to drop any deep-thoughts-bombs on you at your birthday party---but man, I love to go deep and talk deeply about life and what matters most.

It's such an honor to work with people. I love help draw out the gifts and stories that already live inside of them. I coach speakers, ministry leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to engage empathy and learn about emerging culture. Let's communicate well with a world that is changing, but still the same. Secret hint: keep it personal and curated.

I'm a coach.