11 x 14 Family Blessing Poster Print

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11 x 14 Family Blessing Poster Print


11 x 14 colorful print. 


This is what I hope you’ll learn from us as you watch us live our lives: 
It’s not about you. 
It’s about all of us. We’re all important. Every person. 
Life isn’t going to be easy. 
It will be painful and beautiful. Life is a bit of both.
I promise, even in the most painful moments,
You will be okay. 
Let life make you stronger. 
God will be with you, and we are here for you. 
You’re so brave, so don’t be afraid to live bravely. 
Be kind to others, even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard.
You’re going to make mistakes…and that’s okay. Learn. Grow.
Forgive easily, love deeply.
Love people with your whole heart. 
And remember, the most important thing is love, not happiness. 
You’ll actually be happier if you focus on love. 
Trust me on this. Most of all, trust God about this, He said it first.
Your life will be most beautiful, adventurous, passionate and real if you remember this: 
Love God, and Love each other well.  
You are Loved, and so is everyone else too.

Copyright Kristie Christie 2017

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