“Rarely have I met someone who has the innate ability to connect to a broad audience demographic the way Kristie does. Her warmth, authenticity and love for Jesus allow her to reach an audience with God’s truths and move them into action. She is truly one of the finest speakers I have had the privilege of working with and would recommend her to anyone.”

Ryan O’Quinn
Speaker Relations Director
Compassion International
“Kristie is someone you feel you’ve known all your life...when you first meet her. She is warm, inviting, empathetic, witty and full of God’s Spirit. When Kristie speaks, you notice right away she has a compass in her head and a magnet in her heart.”

Dr. Tim Elmore
President, Growing Leaders
Kristie is a gifted presenter. She is knowledgeable, engaging, and relatable. Our moms were captivated by her and her message! Not only did her message resonate in their hearts, but she also offered them practical tools and resources without overwhelming them. Truly, Kristie was a highlight in our speaker line up.

Dawn Zapata
Director of The Mom Connection
Friends Church Yorba Linda, CA
“It’s not often I get stopped by something that makes me see something I’d not seen before as your writing has done. It’s your co-mingling of faith-language and personal narrative that elicits what I’ll call an “excited peace.” You’ve found something, and your voice registers more than the meanings of the words you’ve chosen to employ.”

Dr. Steve Cook
Westmont College
“Kristie Christie is one of my most favorite people in all the world! I mean, how can you not love that name, for starters? But she is so much more than just a fabulous name. She is authentic, kind-hearted, and incredibly wise. I’ve had the honor of partnering with her at many events where I’ve lead worship or performed my own music and she’s spoken such a powerful message of God’s redemption and love for His people. Her creativity in every endeavor is
remarkable and her empathy to hear the unspoken cries of the human heart is a divine gift. Get ready for something amazing to happen in your community when you invite Kristie Christie to come share her heart!”

Kendall Payne
Award Winning Singer-Songwriter
& Worship Director at Bel Air Church
“Kristie is a christian & a comedian. A rare combo. She teaches with everything she says, and more importantly with everything she does.”

Dorothy Lucey
Entertainment Reporter & TV Personality
“Kristie Christie brings the kind of passion and commitment to communicating with a group that it deserves. She doesn’t speak to people as one who has never struggled with seeing herself as God does, but as one who bravely engages the struggle and continues to work toward wholeness. Her love of God is infectious and so is her desire to see all people accept the beauty God has placed inside each of them. She knows how to help people connect with each other—as well as their Creator—and has been facilitating this life-changing discussion for years. YOU ARE LOVED, and God has gifted Kristie with a uniquely authentic way to communicate that truth.”

Tamara Rice
Forest Home Ministries